The school owes its reputation to the Lamas never-ending efforts.

Lama Ngawang Kunga Bista was born in 1970, second born child and following local tradition, within five years, the future Lama entered the monastery „Chöde“ (Lo-Manthang). After China occupied Tibet, the boarders between Mustang and Tibet were closed. The exchange between Mustang and Tibet stopped and the religious affairs increasingly devolved to the Tibetan exile in Katmandu and India where the big monasteries established their new centers. Since Mustang lacked Tibetan monks who usually served as qualified teachers, Lama Ngawang at the age of seven was sent far away to a Tibetan monastery in India. Later he recalled his years in India, away from the familiar environment and his family, as a very difficult time and a great challenge.

At 17, after ten years of studying, he returned home as Lama to Lo-Manthang where he served in his original monastery as an ordained monk. At 24 the monastery assigned him the responsibility for the boys-only school of the convent, which he directed until the age of 30. Then he founded the Great Compassion Boarding School. Even though over the years the Nepalese Government opened schools in the Kingdom of Mustang, the teachers still are mainly non-locals, non Buddhists who don’t speak Tibetan.

The Great Compassion Boarding School aimed to provide children, especially the girls, with a good general education in line with the local cultural heritage, without having to leave the country.

Lama Ngawang made this very ambitious project his life’s work. It is his profound desire to give the people of Mustang, especially the children, a brighter future.

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