High mountains and canyons

Most of the tiny Kingdom of Mustang is situated at 3000 to 4000 meters above sea level, north of the Himalaya range at the so called “Roof of the World”. The territory covers 2500 km2 and adjoins Tibet on its northern border. Its location in the shadows of the mountains makes Mustang dry with annual rainfall of only 250 to 400 mm.

The country is characterised by powerful rivers such as the Kali Gandak and the deep valleys. The river rises in the north of Mustang near the Tibet boarder and flows through the country up to India in the southwest. The central trade route between Tibet and India leads along the riverbank. The main item traded was salt. The river runs through many of the deepest valleys of the world. The traditional capital of Mustang is Lo-Manthang. Administrative centre of the district is Jomsom. Since 1962, Jomsom has an airport. The whole territory of Mustang is under special national protection.

» Location of the Kingdom of Mustang

Himalaya's Children - Monumental mountain skyline in Upper-Mustang Himalaya's Children - A view above the mountains and valleys of Mustang. Himalaya's Children - The holy river Kali-Gandaki seeks its way for millions of years through the mountains of Mustang and has so created the deepest valley of the world.