The Nepalese education system

The illiteracy rate in Mustang remains very high. Amongst women it is nearly 70 percent. To make sure all children have access to education the Nepalese government in recent years promoted the opening of schools in many villages. Nevertheless, the teachers are mostly Hindus, who not only don’t belong to the local culture, but also don’t speak Tibetan.

All Mustang children receive Nepalese first names at school but the difference in cultural backgrounds often leads to understanding problems. These deepen further the repression of the Tibetan language, culture, and traditions.

The Tibetan language can only be learned in private schools like the Great Compassion Boarding School.

Himalaya's Children - The girl wants to wash the cloth in this meager running ditch. Himalaya's Children - Children collecting wood. Himalaya's Children - Class room in Lo-Manthang