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During my studies at the University of Teacher Education Lucerne (PH Luzern) I was given the opportunity to travel to Pokhara in 2011 and work on a project at Great Compassion Boarding School.

A year later I travelled yet again to Mustang and visited both summer school in Lo-Manthang as well as the family of my sponsored child. Despite the fact that the people in the Kingdom of Mustang are very poor, they have a cheerful way of life and a loving nature – I can’t help but being spellbound every time I return to Mustang. Which is every year and may it be “only” to visit GCBS in Pokhara and my many friends that I have found over time.

I am very humbled by the work of Lama Ngawang and equally impressed by the teachers work and the children’s ambition. To be given the chance to support them even more through my work at Himalaya’s Children Foundation is very rewarding, which in turn makes me just as happy.

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