Elisabeth Erne, President

I met Lama Ngawang in 1999 when he was preparing a Mandala and I was an interested observer. Impressed by the beauty of his work and his spiritual charisma, I sought a dialogue with him. As he told me about the hardships of the people of Mustang, I was deeply touched by the simple living conditions and limited future prospects, especially of the younger generation.

My 2009 visit made me realise that Lama Ngawang building needed urgent help to build his school. Since then the preservation and future development of the school has become my life’s mission. My yearly visits have given me the great happiness of witnessing the children’s progress. I am very grateful that my destiny brought me to Lama Ngawang and the people of Mustang.

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Himalaya's Children Stiftungsrat E. Erne
E. Erne