Bettina Wälti

In 2009, the year the foundation was founded, I meet Lama Ngawang at a presentation during his European travels. His narrative about Mustang, the schools and the living conditions were very expressive and left a lasting impression on me. Ever since I am following the development of my sponsored boy and am thankful to play a small part in his life.

In relation to my job, I was given the opportunity to work closer with the foundation in 2013, which led to my first-ever trip to Nepal in November 2015 and finally to my current involvement with Himalaya's Children.

The Great Compassion Boarding School and Himalaya's Children have achieved a lot together and provided school education to many children. Our task now is to pursue our achievements with the same commitment and face the daily emerging challenges in the best way possible. This is my promise to the children of Mustang.

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Bettina Wälti managing director