Academic studies or apprenticeship: pathways to a self determined future

Usually, compulsory attendance at the Great Compassion Boarding School ends with the 10th grade. A student can choose to stay for two more years, depending on the individual wish and performance. This way he or she can work on the possibility to start academic studies one day. Western-style apprenticeships are unknown in Nepal.

We need sponsors for the cost of academic studies and apprenticeships.

The annual cost for academic study in Pokhara or Katmandu (including teaching material, school uniform, board and lodging) is between 1’000 to 1’200 Swiss Franks. Bachelor level can be achieved in four years; the Master’s degree takes six years.

Students who leave after the 10th year can do a two or three year vocational training at one of the public or private training centers. The SOS-Hermann-Gmeiner-Schule in Pokhara offers training programmes in different vocations (carpenter, fitter, electrician, electrical engineering technician, computer scientist, commercial clerk). The annual cost fort these training programmes are between 800 and 900 Swiss Franks.

We care that all teenagers learn a useful vocation and return to the Kingdom of Mustang in order to set up their own business and implement and pass on their acquired knowledge.

Please fill in this form. We will contact you personally and inform you which students are currently waiting for apprenticeship support.

Himalaya's Children - Teacher Mr. Muskesh drawing beans in the green house in Lo-Manthang. Himalaya's Children - Still everything is treated by hand in Mustang. It is hard work to demolish stones. Himalaya's Children - Intensive work of a student. She wants to progress.