Help where help is needed most

An annual sponsorship of 580 Swiss Franks covers the cost for board, logging and school education of one child. Unexpected expenditures like medical and dental care, urgent maintenance works or school trips can only be covered by single additional donations. Our wish list includes specific projects, which help facilitate and enrich the life of all children. We are very grateful for every donation.

Thanks to the annual contribution of the sponsors, we are able to provide the children with a good standard of staple food. However, meat, eggs and fruits are seldom on the menu for financial reasons. To give teachers and children a special meal including meat requires a single donation of only 70, -- Swiss Franks. This modest amount is sufficient to buy local food and provide the treat of a real feast for everyone.

25 kilograms of meat for one meal: 70 Swiss Franks
25 kilograms of apples: 52 Swiss Franks
100 eggs: 12 Swiss Francs

Do you wish to contribute to a specific project or enhance the menu of the school with meat, eggs, and apples? Please note your wish on the designated filed in the respective form.

Himalaya's Children - Sometimes shoes have to stay outside. Himalaya's Children - Toys are waiting to be used. Himalaya's Children - Play and fun on the schoolyard in Lo-Manthang.